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In answer to your question which others have asked,, being in a secret place; conducted secretly. hole-and-corner. adj. 1. (usually prenominal) furtive or secretive. hole′-and-cor′ner or hole′-in-cor′ner, adj.

in this case meaning hidden in the horrible experience or trial we learn and grow as a persom as we would not if life had just been uneventful - we gain something special.
I remember after seven years of problems, trials, deaths, asking - Why me ? I always tried to do the right thing be true to my values, make the loving choice - and I realised we don't do those things for reward, we should follow the right path no matter what occurs simply because it is so, and no matter what befalls us we can hold our head high, not shamefully - and I stopped feeling sorry for myself ! :-)

Thank God.

Water_witch-2by Abigael13 Mar 2014

Some drop in on life
to have it all ...

but I whose trials
arrive unbidden

hole and corner

as pain of childbirth
before new life's bliss

ask why I suffer this
moulded and broken

sealed into new talents
convinced when graced

with high rock face
strength of will grows

free fall
I still have You.