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the promise of spring.


Water_witch-2by Abigael25 Aug 2019

The lusty hearts of lovers stay
open to the softest syllable
and the gentle month of May
now forgetful of winter's peril

See nature's bounteous gifts,
that brave the chill wind's spite
I watch the early morning mists
morph into the warm sunlight

I wonder why human beings age
while tight buds relax, unwind
to spread new tender green foliage
as this year's youth is primed

Each groom bird woos his bride
while frogs wrestle in the pond
take seething orgies in their stride
and youths strike up loves bond

First light of spring's new dawn
earth moves in love's sacred circle,
through fear to loves urge drawn
as a seedling to the rains dance.

Earth swells in fullness again,
rolls in ecstasy in April showers.
a joyful return to the suns refrain
Floralia, as bees tumble flowers.