Cosmic Carnival

Water_witch-2by Abigael18 Mar 2014

A cosmos in chaos
manifests all that's unique,
inspires imagination.
My pen a snake, slithers
accross the page,
this poem's a movie
the actors - words that may deceive.

In the carnival of life
we toot our flute,
and beat to our own rhythm
in a secretive universe
we splash paint about our world,
and clown around.

We forget the dragon
who resides in all that is,
he exhales the flame
that grants our hearts desire.
He doesn't always grant our wishes
if he perceives our need is in desire
he will fan the fire of our want.

This clown had her fill
of pathos and woundology.
A citizen of the universe
eyes and heart wide open,
I'm grateful for the bounty
the dragon provides,
and when the time is ripe,
I'll walk into his mouth
to find you all there.