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This explains why I want to spend time writing and not promoting ...

Fame - I don't give a Damn !

Water_witch-2by Abigael02 Oct 2014

I fear to swim in a sea of fame
or to handle an ocean of wealth.
To drink and thirstier become
might soon addle a poet's brain
there's no "how to" manual.

I've poems to pen in fine pigments

But first I must know who I am ,
or others might try to define me.
I write in passion, beset by doubt
no thought in mind to seek fame
each poem is a piece of myself .

Veiled shadows dance from the wings.

Daily, first draft is but a start
not time enough to know the self.
Each word picked as choice flowers
from the field and chosen blooms
pressed between the white pages.

Openess and solitude - my victory.