Second Best. (Adult content)

Water_witch-2by Abigael17 Jan 2014

The so called sexperts -
meddlers and pedlers of lies,
encourage man's fantasies,
sell porn, for furtive wanks.
It's simply ejaculation, no
mind-blowing orgasm.

It degrades men, pleased,
just to pleasure themselves ;
instead of being a lover
who instigates rising desire
in a responsive real woman,
to set their passion on fire.

Whatever has happened
to our men ? Once ardent
lovers, protective of women,
now lovers of themselves !
They ask women to degrade
themselves by selling sex.

A woman who fires a man's
love, deserves some romance.
A pearl above price, she can't
be bought, nor sold. See how
she glows, true orgasm shows
a lovers treasure and worth.