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lets celebrate the wisdom of old age.

If you Envy Youth ...

Water_witch-2by Abigael22 Jan 2014

You are Not a Crone

if you feel shame
and try to hide
old monsters inside
rather than turn them
into your friends

You are not a crone

if you have lost
the awesome power
of your own zest
and juiciness
aiming for perfection
just like the rest

You are not a crone

if you despise
and learn harbour hate
a crone celebrates
the eccentricity
and diversity of life

You are not a crone

if you flounder
in the deep water.
a crone surfs the waves
carrying a load that gifts
hard won wisdom

but you are a crone

if you have an edge
that is sharp and new
and carry a morsel or two
to share with a brew
a free spirit who
has learned to cackle.