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I think many, both men and women, sometimes have unrealistic expectations, we have our values mixed up, men could show themselves and women more respect, women could respect themselves and their men more, from women being chattels and owned - we still have not matured as equals. Sex wars spring from tryiing to overcome our history.

What Do You Want ?

Water_witch-2by Abigael28 Jan 2014

Lust or Love and Equality ...

You want a soul mate ? ...

Someone who's a true complement to you,
served perfect on a plate, nothing else will do.
How narcissistic and really quite disordered
of you, who ever exists - only for you ?

So you are love sick ? ...

head in clouds, no drugs, you are on a high
hormones raging and your heart rampaging
yes in no fit state, you feel sure you will die
without them - oh yes, who are you kidding ?

It's love at first sight ? ...

they are more beautiful than your dream
you place them high upon a great pedestal
with all their charms flowing as a stream,
not human like you - why be so sentimental?

you'll marry in haste ? ...

why the rush, know anyone can put on an act
for a short while, and show their best side
slow down, carefully, observe how they react
unlike an act, reaction's not so easy to hide!

you excuse your lover ? ...

that's not the real him, you don't know him,
the way I know him, I would give him the moon,
he won't take me for a ride, a user? No not him!
He won't disrespect me if I dance to his tune.

at least a prostitute earns an honest fee ! ...

why give your heart to a stranger , for free,
he won't treasure you as special - make him wait
get to know his character, if it's true love you see,
he will cherish and care for his one and only mate.