Water_witch-2by Abigael02 Feb 2014

I am free, enough to take a big leap
and sprout new wings on the way
Free enough to commit to you, but
come, fly with me, I'll not be caged

politics won't tie me down, nor dye me
bright red or blue, I don't understand
why politicians spy, it's not freedom
if tapes or cameras invade our privacy

education they say is the key to freedom
but know it can also be a tool of control
that binds men into a system of slavery
a treadmill where the willing conform

don't give me anarchy, a conscience
makes us fit for freedoms voice, carries
responsibility. Don't load me with taxes
I will not bend, poverty is not a choice.

though I may not like what you say
I defend your right to say it, that's fine
and there are no rules in our dreams -
I hear yours, - and listen to mine.

as emancipation from the bondage
of earth is no freedom for a tree,
so to sever ourselves from mother
nature is no freedom for humanity.