Valentine ...

Water_witch-2by Abigael12 Feb 2014

My Lover's Eyes

Declare an unspoken invitation
to my willing heart. Two lips part
to explore a tenderness and kindle
the tingle of loves roving kisses.

Long absence may conjoin us both
in an overwhelming race to grace ;
though at our leisure we may choose
to playfully extend loves pleasures.

Each delighting, in life's blissfull gifts
sensing in each other a subtle lift to fan
the flames of a rising mutual desire
burning within, climbing ever higher.

As love leaks her welcoming juices,
you slip inside , we take off to a place
where there's no divide and no space
within we don't ride., A wildfire races,

to a crescendo, responsive, we bond
as one, our fusion, a supernova exploding.
Still entwined, we lie sated, fire quenched,
cast into a world of peace and wonder .