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Intensive farming is depleting our soils.


Water_witch-2by Abigael25 Aug 2019

Soil is blowing in the wind
silting up our lakes and rivers
less than half of our topsoil
remains, it runs off fields
and gurgles down drains.

We're losing ground faster
it's such a disaster, as floods
ruin farms on fertile plains.
Thanks to industrial farms
what once took two years to silt
up, now only takes two months.

For every ton of food they send
to market, industrial farms
lose seven tons of good soil.
We can't afford to carry on,
to deplete what feeds humanity
does not make economic sense.

The topsoil is earth's skin, like our skin's, a living system
that feeds from surface decay.
We mulch with compost, manure
and organic matter to add depth
humus and fertility, when nature
renews, a wormery tills the soil.

Humus and fungi hold water
in time of plenty they conserve
moisture for future drought,
when we ignore this and farm
with chemicals, life in the soil
and above soil dies, it becomes
dust, and silt blocks our rivers. Floods wash away precious earth.