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Water_witch-2by Abigael08 Mar 2014

Outdoor Cat.

After breakfast she comes
demanding a few moments
of my undivided attention;
her purring—me stroking,
sharing a mutual pleasure.
Then nature calls, in a flash
she's gone back to the wild.

The Hunter

His gleaming coat is black,
by day he sleeps, ear cocked,
his body is a coiled spring
of anticipation. Night comes
and he is out on the prowl;
the next morning he bounds
in with his precious trophy,
happy to play with a corpse.

The Explorer.

Laid back, he wanders home
when the weather turns cold
appreciates a warm welcome ,
ravenous after a summer long
trek. His long coat, the colour
of Bailey's cream, is bedraggled.
Well fed—he treats us to some
serious loving, his wanderlust
strikes again when night's warm.

The Twitcher

Birds put a sparkle in her eye,
she loves to sit at the window
and watch as the birds fly past.
She sits for ages, gentle mews
spill from her throat, voicing
her appreciation for their antics
her exitement mounts as birds
arrive to feast at the bird feeder.

Cats fall on their feet -

Puss has it all, and training's
not easy - but they managed
to get me trained in no time.
Once Gods, they rule. A creative,
I won't ask them to conform ,
for a cat that's not the norm.
Claws sheathed they pat my face
and nuzzle close - that's love.