Too Beautiful.

Water_witch-2by Abigael18 Mar 2014

Morning Glory

Spring is too beautiful to ignore
she commands my rapt attention
The sunlight highlights new buds
and bounces off star-like celandine.
It polishes a sheen on the lanceolate
leaves of greater periwinkle, whose
flowers might easily have dropped
out of the sky they are so blue.

Spring is a symphony of bird song .
The cockerel struts and crows over
and over, above the soft coo of doves
and a pair of blackbirds sweet notes .
Indian runners quack splash and dabble
in the pond, and from the woodland
a spotted woodpeckers rat tat ta tat,
in contrast gifts a rapid percussion.

though the roses are not yet in flower
their new red shoots hold the promise
of natures power. Rosettes of leaves
cup pale primroses, and daffodils nod
in the breeze, this morning's so bright
it makes me sneeze. The female dove
is being a tease, her ardent mate takes
no nonsense and mounts her with ease.