I'm a Cry Baby

Water_witch-2by Abigael25 Mar 2014

There are times
any surfeit of feelings
can flush my plumbing
as empathy induces
leaky lachrymal sacs.

Crying is cleansing
a crazily cathartic
emotional perspiration
it lets my devils out
before they wreak havoc.

any elevated emotion
can trigger a release
and flush out life's toxins
to have a good cry
can raise my spirits .

Tears defuse anger,
sadness or frustration
and at times of loss ...
well my neural pathways
show me who's boss.

the tears I love best
are those tears of joy
happy little over-spills
and post orgasmic tears
not tears of emptiness

a sacred eruption in awe
of our unspeakable love.