Poem for Spring

Water_witch-2by Abigael28 Apr 2014


A hoary old man, winter lingers, until
he grows tired and relents, he gives way
to Lady Spring. She yawns and stretches
to the light light, the sweet air of spring
kisses winter and waves him goodbye.

She wears a new dress and recites poetry.
From southern oceans her zephyr blows
breathes new life into naked trees: bursts
dormant sticky buds and opens translucent
green leaves, adorns cherry apple and pear.

A spring bride, in her train, fragile blossom
forms many tiny fruitlets. The Forsythia
spreads rays of sunshine. The frogs, free
from hibernation, wrestle in the pond
an orgy, on which their survival depends .

When V skeins of geese fly honking towards
Romney marsh my heart greets Lady Spring
The ladybirds settle like tiny red blisters
on the fertility of a flourishing nettle patch.
The proud cock pheasant swaggers down

the lane, a drab hen bouquet in his wake.
The ra-ta-tat-tat... of woodpecker's verve,
echoes percussion over gently undulating
green hills, where lambs gambol, ewes
chew grass, and two llamas stand guard.

A farmer plants seeds trusts in summer sun,
autumns harvest. Spring dances in our hearts.