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Wrote this today after a friend whose friend was showing mistrust asked me to write a poem about it, and this is what transpired. Not easy witing for someone else and I did not know his friend, so I tried to make it universal


Water_witch-2by Abigael27 Apr 2014

I'm You and You're Me

You may be right if you think
the world always cheats on you

but in fear you will never know
that wonderful feeling of trust.

and We are never so vulnerable
as when we open ourself to trust

if we can't trust we erect a wall
between ourself, love and joy

or truly worthwhile friendships.
We are human, not monsters;

Very few monsters will warrant
these fears that we harbour.

Promises won't effect a repair,but
living and doing things differently

and to rebuild any friendship
to have a friend, we must be one.