The Art of Poesy.

Water_witch-2by Abigael29 May 2014

Words bloom and flower
in wild and desolate places.
Float down from snowy skies,
and rise from the hot ashes
of life's inevitable disasters.

Poems ooze into being
from newly lanced wounds
of sorrow and death. Words
fly high on a seagull's wing
into the morning sunrise .

Imagination scatters words
like seeds in a fertile garden
to flower in fantasia.Like gems,
blooms drop from the ether
to land on the page as haiku.

On wintry nights verses waft
in on the east wind's icy breath
to carve exquisite lacy images,
these, I have no need to own.
I rest my pen and this poem

departs to find it's breadth
and depth in another's heart.