Water_witch-2by Abigael29 May 2014

Down to the Bone

To a girl love is a joyful sentiment
of the heart, perhaps a blinding passion,
instinct where two bodies meet bliss.

As warrior woman she battles that
which is destructive to life, fights hard
to find her own internal dawn.

As matriarch she reaps the rewards
of sustained effort in creations of her life.
Sometimes she touches wisdom,

then watches as it slithers away
in the busyness of her life. She grew
older, able to hold consideration

for longer. A grandmother, she learns
tolerance, to see past hate and suffering
she treasures compassion and love.

In all things and in others, she sees
the truth of herself. Light on crystalline
waters - her image is returned.

Love is now a transparency, a lucid
clairvoyance, as she surrenders herself
to further growth like a crystal.