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God is Love and Omnipresent, we are like a little cell contained within the body of God, I can't name or own this universal Love - quantum science confirms we are all contained in one field or body - I include and respect all religions in this - no need for disagreement the core values are the same, so would happily attend a service in them all sharing your values, one God who is Love. Love is harmony, love is tolerant, love is compassionate - how can we not love one anoother ...


Water_witch-2by Abigael04 Jun 2014

God is Love.

There's nowhere
that Love is not.
Come. Let us share
in a lovers secrets
whispers in the breeze.

Earth births love
with a passionate art :
paints beauty in landscape,
composes the notes
for a symphony of music.

Love is a perfect mystery
it's not meant to be solved;
kept alive in Gaia's heart
there is nowhere on earth
that love is not found.

Love is there in the outer
and love is the inner.
Love is seen in an angel
but it's veiled in a sinner,
these two are the One.

Actively love listens
withholds all judgement
embraces a broken heart
with the door wide open
heart embraces heart.

love is in the sky
an endless vista, it opens
our eye to infinite mystery
stretched out in silence
it can't pass you by .

Oh my love, the sky begins
when we spread our wings
raised by the breath of God.
Love's seen in a simple daisy,
hides in the complexity of all.

A Deity of all names, or none
Love is salt in the ocean of life .
Buoyant as joyful dolphins
as we surf the breakers of love
we are carried in the beloved.