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This was a little look at our quantum future, to take the leap we need to be as exploratory and open as a child.

The New Realms.

Water_witch-2by Abigael14 Jun 2014

A Higher Dimension.

I bring mind into strange new realms
and chaos gets flirtacious with galactic order,
yes, I know that a baby will materialise.
My eye lights upon a new art,

we build dream castles that were never imagined before.

A sea of warm molasses bathed in satin
light, runs in rivulets and serpentine swirls
where random pools of effervescent turquoise
whirl around in an inspired flight of fancy.

you may deride or be mesmerised by these strange visions,

I forget all I knew and with breath on hold
I do a breast-stroke through the liquid toffee,
then surface for air in translucent aquamarine
sparkling with globules of illumination.

I am, we are, rainbow colours commingled, curved into form.

Like inkblots - no two are ever the same.
chosen from an infinite selection box,
I rise to rays of light and discover the cerulean sky
is a tie-dye wash on the infinity of space.

observation changes things, please use your imagination.

Art and message meld, in a fissure of awareness,
meander into rhythm playing echoes of yesterday
into tomorrow. All our conscious images agree to dance
for we we are the co-creators of our universe.
I know you were born there - but where are you now ?