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A fantasy poem

Tailored Genes.

Water_witch-2by Abigael25 Aug 2019

Astral left the safety of her pod
and took the fast shuttle ;
threading along a clear glass tunnel,
it sped through stunning hanging gardens,
above the steamy swamps far below.
Her slim scaly fingers traced contours
of the garden design
It was high summer;
fraying at the edge of her fingers
told her she would soon shed a skin.
She stuck out her tongue, wiggled it a bit.
tasting earth's perfume in the damp air,
they were near the Purple plateau.

She grinned, at her thoughts,
Zeus would have fun in the updraughts.
Not a day went by without a trip
to explore some new part of the planet,
Zeus was a thoroughbred,
daily exercise kept him in fine fettle.
Her ears popped as the shuttle slowed,

She made her way to the cagels.
Her binocular vision and tuatara missed nothing,
the new ortho-groom had teased
the great white bird's feathers into pristine condition.
Saddled and spurred, Astral released the tether
and leaped up between the bird's great wingspan;
Zeus cooed, she, in turn, rubbed his neck.

Very soon they were soaring on thermals.
Astral sensed his excitement and spurred him on;
she steered him through the mist
using her innate compass.
Astral was aware of the landscape below,
in tune with the planet, she missed nothing.
Only one thing escaped her scrutiny -
Astral was unaware she too was observed.

back on earth genetic scientists
applauded her success. Below,
in the GM training gym
her male counterpart was stunned,
the virgin planet looked amazing
ideally suited for them
in his eyes, Astral was a beauty.
His liftoff was scheduled in a week
using the new quantum technology
the day couldn't come soon enough
for Adam.