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An old one of mine updated

Her Muse.

Water_witch-2by Abigael12 Jul 2014

A muse'd.

Released from a life of freedom
she trips into ties of sheer delight.
Her muse choreographs dreams,
her thoughts are a surreal canter
on the wild black stallion of night.
Blush of dawn illumines her flight.
Her words eagle’s wings that soar

over mountains and quicksilver seas.
in solitude she flies far, not free but
she feels complete. In shining hours
where indigo swirls high, she plays
with ghost forms afloat in the sky,
prehistoric and gene-altered creatures,
images that meet each pulsing moment

to run the gamut of a wild imagination.
She endures suffering beset by doubts
and fears, understands others caught
up in the net of illusion . She swears
she will not ingest more seeds of doubt
and fear. The dreams on paper blossom
her poetic fruits, the envy of the garden.