Water_witch-2by Abigael03 Sep 2014

It's Sacrilegious !

Love is not so sacred
if only in church, on holy days
or locked up in a creed,
in a wealthy church's greed
and when wrapped in a need
to be special and a chosen one.

excluding all our brothers

Love cries out
from the darkest alleys
and the deep purple shadows
poverty's open mouth screams
in the silence of the hopeless,
and the unspeakable stench
of human bondage.

but we still use our brothers

Love cries out
from our latch key kids,
gangs who terrorise,
unfeeling, in soulless cities.
Young girls raped and mutilated
pimps, sadists and women beaten.
Neglect of the vulnerable
fear slays everyone's freedom.

Love waits --
for mankind's love and compassion.