Behind Walls

Water_witch-2by Abigael25 Jul 2014

Walls Come Tumbling Down

Walls of fear and walls
of mistrust. Life is fleeting,
we build too many walls...
where are the bridges ?

Do not build a wall
all around your heart.
Walls show how badly
we want things.

Under a lock and key
who else could disarm
those locked prison gates .
or scale walls we erect.

think what you might wall in,
what will you wall out and miss
read poems before you begin
A poet pens doors to our bliss

Our poets scribe beauty
read the love in their lines
hear them champion peace
like yeasts raising bread.

Read some beautiful verse
feel it open up your heart.
Know you are worthy of love ,
and the beauty of sunrise.

The single eye of the heart
knows well that love is free
feels it flow unrestrained,
for love knows no boundaries.