Emotion's Palette

Water_witch-2by Abigael17 Jul 2014

Colours of the Mind.

My palette is full, oh, which shall I choose,
orange, zest of happiness - or overcast hues ?

A rose pink glow from loves warm embrace,
or the piercing black stare of hate's ugly face ?

The apoplectic red of uncontrolled anger
or the dingy puce of laziness and languor?

A stormy green shows if our jealousy rages,
bright sunny yellow, when a smile engages .

Feel the peaceful calm of serenity's blue.
A regal purple when spirit shines through.

A dazzling white is heart's purity shining,
our optimism grows from a silver lining

There's a touch of gold in love's selfless acts -
it's the golden standard our Divinity maps.