Water_witch-2by Abigael31 Aug 2014

Summer Haiku.

I peg out the wash -
my bare feet loving
the dewy grass

twilight sky -
black trees dance
in silhouette

flash of emerald in reeds -

summer solstice --
a train gathers speed
and dandelion snow

Jacdaws scold -
washing billows
in the wind

The thyme
covered in tiny flowers -
minute moth grazing

Heatwave -
newts frolic deep
in the well

Robin at full stretch -
a worm is pulled from
the compost

a porthole of blue
in banks of grey cloud -
day moon

open car window - windrush and snatches of birdsong

Warm stone -
a slow worm catches
the suns rays

A sparrow
stares up at the sky --
cat kill

Watermint in flower - the buzz of bees.

In and out
of the bird box -
a nest of wasps

In mind-boggling colour
her compound eyes see me --
Red dragonfly.#

Sun baked clay -
a knot of worm
waits for rain

Water-lily flowers -
from under one leaf
a frog peeps out

one eye on me -
a hungry robin
chases a spider

A peacock butterfly
peers through my window -
orchid in flower.

A bumble bee
with a long proboscis --
Bee fly.

Her highway
a blade of grass -