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I miss my garden a dodgy hip and have been told not to weightbear !

Hands in the Dirt.

Water_witch-2by Abigael07 Aug 2014

Green Fingers -- Quiet mind.

The clamour of competing thoughts
jostling in my head subsides gradually,
gardening is a way to calm the mind.
A decompression leading to clarity

and I feel strangely renewed inside :
hands in the dirt, my head in the sun,
and ears tuned in to the birds song,
losing myself in nature is such fun .

As the weed trug fills, ideas take shape.
time allows my brain to process things
thoughts jammed up like logs in there :
clear, an enlightened heart now sings

Sometimes a frog lurks in the greenery
to startle me , but such little creatures
enhance and bring life to the scenery
butterflies, bees, all of the pollinators

Spider's jewel webs protecting my fruit
and feathered friends who tarry long.
I plant lots of fruit to share with birds
it's fair trade for the joy of their song.

Like life, a garden is growth and change,
yes some losses, but always new treasures
compensation for unseen disasters : toil
is exchanged for delight of our senses.