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On life's mystery....

Sweet Chariot.

Water_witch-2by Abigael08 Sep 2014

On Life's Mystery ...

I'm a fathomless lake whose
depth is an infinite puzzle
to myself and other people.
Like you - I'm an enigma.

I write to delve down deep
to rediscover the old magic
without which our world
might not have existence.

I write of this mystery
hope to enlighten myself
as mystique of oceanic blues,
will stir the soul of the sea.

In the warm glow of a rose
is the planet's healing spirit :
the earth's round bellied girth
sprouts life in verdant green.

Watch the sun's golden wings
as she soars thermals to noon.
Breathe in whispers, soft sighs,
or screams of an elusive wind.

We play witches and wizards,
forgetting we were fashioned
by a creator we claim as ours .
Now we live on a razors edge.

In spite of our fears and tears
we overlook the nurturing love
and grace of a guardian planet ,
she's our vulnerability, our life

Our sweet chariot of mystery
never invisible, a golden mean,
serene. So bloody enormous—
that we humans fail to see Earth.