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An oil painting I never tire of, thick slabs of paint give the rocks solidity, translucence gves the water reality the trees and mist an etheral quality and it changes with the quality of the light on the canvas.

Welsh Gorge

Water_witch-2by Abigael10 Sep 2014

There is still a trace
of early morning mist
light, barely veiling
the rough hewn sides
of the rocky gorge.

A few solid footholds
where I might descend
to inhale the cool air
under a new green canopy
where leaves entwine
over moving water .

Here light and shade
dance in the gentle flow
stones play water's music
inviting me to scramble
down over the rocks
and then slip

into the cool water
to know the feel of silt,
like silk between my toes
an immersion
into the soul of nature
with an artists skill

you entreat me
to enter in wonder
draw me gently down
to experience your depths.
I caress the canvas
touching brush strokes
of genius .