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Life is precious, so we learn to live with loss and carry them in our hearts.


Water_witch-2by Abigael21 Oct 2014

Another Loss.

So many losses present
as we mourn this new loss
it gathers up all the others.
No surprise, as tears well up
and spill from my eyes .

Hastily I blink back tears
for those lost over the years
this coffin holds my loves
Mother, I watch a tear roll
slowly down his cheek .

I clasp his hand in mine,
and squeeze to say I'm here ;
slipping him a clean tissue
as he, for me, when my mum
lay at rest in her coffin.

His mum is now at peace.
We are crying for ourselves
we know well, it was release
from their long illness, but
our tears afford some ease.

Tears shed for my father :
grandmothers, a grandson,
who forever stays eighteen,
a lovely daughter in law too,
my mum and mother in law,

present in both our hearts
mindful of life's memories
with us as tears enable release
may all those we' have loved
so dearly , now rest in peace .