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Who isn't tempted ? Actually I prefer love but chocolate is a good second LOL!

Ode to Chocolate

Water_witch-2by Abigael23 Oct 2014

Forget love ! ~~ give me a bar
of smooth and sensuous chocolate.
What kind of monster dislikes
the smooth rich taste of chocolate ?
With chilli or ginger or cherries,
fruit and nut, or cracknel and mint.
Encased in sweet tasting chocolate
chilli is hotter and mint is sharper.
As a spread, perhaps solid or liquid
hot or cold in a drink it's delicious
Stash away in a cupboard or drawer
and chocolate will occupy your mind.
Strength is the power to break
a bar and then only eat one piece.
Expectation is fancy chocolates
wrapped in a box of tasty creations.
It's top word association - is guilt,
but chocolate is for celebrations !