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all are equal.


Water_witch-2by Abigael25 Aug 2019

Notes at the ready
to give the consultant
I usher an old gentleman
to the privacy of a cubical ,
settle him on a couch,
feeling determined
not to wrinkle my nose -

Scratching my arm,
I realise with alarm, he's alive
with fleas

I warn the medic
and catch the nippy strays
with a soft bar of soap
The cubical, now out of action,
awaits disinfestation .

I organise tea and buiscuits
and refer to the social worker,
hopeful we can find him a bed
for the night - so he can rest
and relieve his aching bones .

The next patient
is a goverment minister
he's shown to a fresh cubicle
glass cellar - or glass ceiling
both get due respect because
though they may be different
I am the same nurse .