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the music of nature


Water_witch-2by Abigael26 Aug 2019

Sound flies like angels who dance
through frequency haloes. Listen .
Hear earth’s fine symphony.

Deep in the earth I sense vibration.
Nebulous ghost-notes
crawl through her skin and into the music,
bubble up in springs
where frogs play hip-hop rhythms.
Chord streams enter rivers,
rush allegro down the scales to join the sea.

Base rolls in from the ocean,
moves to the tempo of night’s silver Queen.
Reflective flow of water music
rises and falls,
bathes me in oblivion,
lulls me with a zephyr’s hum
and sunset’s spectral low frequency.

Dark side of the blues,
vibration shifts to oblique nightmare
of melted nocturnal sound
muffled in dark shadow.
Playing solo, a whisper of mystery
to arouse and intrigue

Dawn’s primal chords bring fresh rhythm
and chorus of birds chirping chant,
feel a new melody rise
and breathe life into all.

In a dervish of electronic hums
weighty clouds amass.
A sorcerer’s cauldron of explosions,
lightning spits hi-fi to lo-fi
black clouds collide,
drums roll....
as fearful beauty rises to a full crescendo.

Sunshine breaks through rains percussion.
Acoustic refractions beam a kaleidoscope
of rainbow coloured sounds.
Crystals caught in a blast of sun
after pitter-patter rhythm of the rain.

Stand firm, look up, see pulsars
and all that sparkles in the dome of creation.
Fingers reach for sonic chords
when love takes your hand,
kiss illusion goodbye and simply be.