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Exploring the pain of separation

The Space Between Seconds.

Water_witch-2by Abigael04 Oct 2019

In The Space Between Seconds.

I remember how we slept
inextricably entwined ,nestled
like a pair of spoons.

Away from you drives home
all I miss, the soft comfy bed
of your loving heart

and your kiss
when missed, is bittersweet

blue as the sea, how can I be
so lost and lonely, in a fog -
yet we two are one.

love's a constant surprise.

Coloured by your absence
my heartbeat's incomplete
this room has no colour

to brighten it -

without you

my heart feels fit to burst :
it's an archive of longings,
a pulsing rush of desire.

many thoughts of you
keep me alive.

Between my fingers I see
emptiness filled with desire
to pleasure you, my love.

Finely stitched together,
it's so hard to tear us apart
inevitably, we suffer pain

separation's lacerations.

Sloe taints peach, as I recall
how our loving left us replete
and our lives felt complete.