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Water_witch-2by Abigael25 Aug 2019

Lights gleam in puddles on tarmac,
trees bow before billowing sheets of rain
draped on patchwork landscape.

Folk in tightly buttoned coats lean
into the wind, hurry home after school
Cats curl up by the fire.

Nyx steals the daylight hours: thrums
a nocturne, the rain drums on the roof
like great jets of frozen peas,

it gurgles down drainpipes and slurps
into leaf choked drains. Asleep, I dream
of digging moat-like ditches.

A thin stream of bleak light slips
between huge ramparts of black cloud
and into windows of awareness.

Cattle huddle under spread branches.
and collared doves roost close for warmth.
Streams helter-skelter down the hillside.

Lowland sod has morphed into liquid mud.
The water table, higher than the lush grass,
reflects a leaden sky, as in a looking glass.