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opposites attract, it is on the cards.

The Tarot of Love.

Water_witch-2by Abigael24 Aug 2019

You were 4 of Pentacles,
getting your needs met,
wanting things to be the same
and blocking any change,
sitting tight and in control
resisting the flow

I was always The Fool
seeking to be true to self
scything many new paths
and taking "crazy" chances
while trusting in the flow
of my heart's desire.

You steered a safe course
with flares ready, wearing
a life jacket, reading a map.
I peered past polar horizons
to life's mystery, with visions
of tomorrow's new world.

Seeking sweet union,
in a white-hot fire of desire
we made love with a passion.
Inescapable mutual attraction
took us way beyond ourselves.
King and Queen of our domain
we epitomised " The Lovers."