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A poem dedicated to all poets.

Are Poets Weird?

Water_witch-2by Abigael23 Aug 2019

Or is it a peculiar side effect
of being strangely awesome :
a trifle bizarre and intuitively
mysterious, always reaching
for where they want to be.

As they morph, soul - bare,
to become a seer, a visionary
dances on the verge of madness
to converse with the universe,
in all moments of life - a poet.

Being curious in the extreme
it's wild and freaky - inevitably,
a poet hears a deviant drumbeat
driven to grasp at nettles, forges
new paths in uncharted land.

A poet may, or may not rhyme,
as they word-paint the sensory
and craft strange images, to strike
a sacred truth, or lift a corner
of the veil on the supernatural.

0n the lead edge of humanity
a poet feels the weight of the world
A voice that knows the joy and pain
of beauty - her pen portrays reality,
the stark truth, with no illusion.

Articulating what she sees, before
and waits for comprehension. Her ideas
and raw emotion held in a skin of words,
poetry is the key that opens all her doors.
A poet dies and the world quickens.

The poet's greatest works live on,
post-death their poems haunt the ether
as their verses spill from others lips.
TheirIghost is the essence of culture,
no illusion - a synthesis of clarity.