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How well do we know our friends?

In a New Light.

Water_witch-2by Abigael25 Aug 2019

If you think that you know me -
then think again - - Falling down,
I learned to walk, to dance and swim.

Encountering defeats I refused
to succumb, met gathering clouds
to be their rainbow.

Nothing to prove to the world
I compete with myself. Opinions
don't matter - passions do.

We all age, but each minute
of the day I can learn and grow
if I own my mistakes. I can forgive,
reflection sheds light on errors -

they are the growing pains
of wisdom, a measure of experience
ready for something new. Tomorrow
has no mistakes...... yet.

We learn compassion, by mistakes made
on the road to forgiveness. My heart sees
poetry in errors, but because we are human
our genius will find new mistakes to make!