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From UK East Sussex I moderate this global poetry group at linked in under the name Gael Poems by members of Poetry Editors & Poets and a global poetry workshop here Self taught, poet, grandmother, social activist, came to poetry late, after retirement.. I enjoy many different forms including haiku and haibun, - hon mention for both in the Mainichi competiion. plus in 2013 I was placed second for their international haiku competition. My pen name chosen to dedicate the poems to my kind and loving father who taught me so much about love, he died decades ago but is never far from my mind - Abigael means beloved by father.. Poetry I dip my pen in the ink of my soul and write my truth into poems

What inspires me?

I find inspiration everywhere I look my poems are all different on a wide variety of subjects, My passions are love, nature, the universe and mystery, quantum science, spirituality without dogma ... I could go on .....but these all appear in my poetry. I share with other poets here -

My best line

I humbly suggest it is for others to judge, I am always surprised by what is popular with others.

Top 5 poets

  1. Shakespeare for skill and insight into the human condition.
  2. Jane Austin for her genius and grasp of love
  3. Blake for his all encompassing spirituality
  4. Pablo Neruda for his insight nd skill
  5. Christina Rosetti for her skill and feminism

Top 5 poems

  1. If by Rudyard Kipling
  3. Bllake the Clod and the pebble.