Pz-avatarby LJ.02 Feb 2019

The looks on her face right across the room
Electrifying enough to set your soul on fire
The chemicals in your brain spark the shivers down your spine
Maybe the need to explore what you are made of
The kiss stings just like a venomous bite
You'll be under the spell for half a lifetime
Addicted you will be when you taste the potion
She's what you've never seen before
All that you ever thought was impossible is a vivid reality
The feeling of satisfaction is slowly fading away
You are growing into a bigger shadow of what you once thought you needed
Greedy for more of what she doesn't wanna give
The moment comes where you look the monster in the eye
And realise it wasn't but a familiar face
The collisions are all up inside your head
When you just wanna unite and you feel crazy
She leaves with your pieces all over the place