Miss You

Pz-avatarby LJ.02 Feb 2019

I miss you, I really miss you
I need to have you
I need to hold you
And tell you I love you...

I miss you at night as I gaze upon the stars
And the cold air permeates in my bones...

I miss you during the day as the clouds cover my sun
Til light fades away
I need you, and I will more and more each day...

I miss you and I want to hold you in my arms tightly
My being fading joy, my eyes all teary
My days are going by, so slowly
This painful longing penetrates my heart deeply
You're my love, my alien, my everything, and my one and only...

I miss your smile, your laugh, your lips...

You're always in my mind, day and night
When I think of you, all feels so right
When you're not here my heart splits apart
So if you're going to leave, take away my heart
And you know, you're the one I cannot live without...

I wish that you won't ever leave again,
I'm here without you baby and I lost my way
And I miss you more than words can ever say...