Pz-avatarby LJ.02 Feb 2019

Darkness is everywhere,

Everything is so unfair,

Everything is turning around you,

You can’t tell, you have no clue.

Yeah, it’s harder to breathe now,

All you can feel is that you’re falling down.

You’re drowning in tears,

Thinking that’s how you face your fears.

No, you’re not trying now,

You’re just sitting down.

Waiting for the light holder,

But it’s too late, it’s getting colder.

Your heart is about to stop,

Your legs start pushing you up,

Too late...

Everything stops for a while,

And silence takes its place.

Everything starts to come in flashes.

You close your eyes,

You give up.

“Oh human, searching for that thread of hope?”

You can’t feel anything, all is gone.

No pain again and you’re falling deeper,


Still can’t find the thread...

You forget what is air,

You can’t breathe or even get a sense of where you are...

You are dead.