Pz-avatarby LJ.02 Feb 2019

Quiet you are
You sigh you lie
You give yourself space
Wearing silence in and out
Your sleeves never seemed so empty
Heart is beating
Barely alive
Quiet beats
So aware
Self-conscious your eyes stare
You sit you talk
Your words seem bare
You keep in a thousand
And let a meaningless one
Quiet looks wander around
The thoughts they make sense
You give yourself space
Wearing silence on your sleeves
Your insides raging
On your own
It's unfair
Break the silence
Don't leave it like that
They look they stare
Quiet cries are still there
You keep it in
You lie in there
You give yourself space
Visualising your peace
Impossible it seems
A different type of quiet
Quiet be there
Wearing your soul on your sleeves
And a smile on your face
Quiet smile feels better
Than a raging that's unfair
Wonderland never exists
You know
You stare
You give yourself space
Wearing quiet is unfair