Chasin' shadows

Whatsapp_image_2020-05-09_at_6.01.54_am__2_by LJ.04 Sep 2020

Tonight just hold me and take me in

Don't hesitate you're all I need I'm certain

I know what I need don't overthink it

Your demeanour could break it

Embrace me and I will embrace it

All in

No fear no holding back no hesitation

Look me in the eyes, say the words, let's face it

I don't want to lose you, I don't want to let you go, don't chase it

It's like going after shadows and ghosts just to loosen it

It's a little bit loose but never tasted

Pain as this tasted

Another type of pain we wanted

Remember? With pleasure is it

Or with exhilaration

I love you I'm certain

Don't overthink it

Don't leave me to the shadows I'm tempted to chasin'

You're all I need there is it

No better version

Time is passing by in days and acceleration

If anything I want to chase it's you I'm chasin'