Whatsapp_image_2020-05-09_at_6.01.54_am__2_by LJ.04 Sep 2020

The memories the memories
A legacy caught in between
Or maybe it was sympathy
Maybe little movie scenes
A destiny
A tragedy
A little bit of misery
Can't you see can't you see
Get some taste of empathy
Caught up in the memories
Maybe it's not meant to be
No harmony
Just amity
I guess it was a fantasy
A taste of some felicity
Never dare to call it peace
Just a piece
Going with the symphony
Yet I felt everything
Not this month not that year
Can't you see can't you see
Time is flying with the leaves
A little lonely baby deer
You gotta hear
You gotta see
You don't belong with me
A rhapsody
A tragedy
The muse of poetry
Or Aoede
Just rhapsody
In a world of make believe
The memories the memories
Are stopping me
Is never here
Can't keep up the symphony
It's turning to reality
It's hard to keep
This ain't TV
Not another movie scene
Can't you leave
With the leaves
Cause I'm a little crazy here
I can't be the one to leave
And I am not a remedy