MISS understood

Whatsapp_image_2020-05-09_at_6.01.54_am__2_by LJ.04 Sep 2020

I've been up and then down all the time
Needed you by my side
I know I'm confusing and tiring too
But you'll never get my love to you
I've been high and low then empty inside
I drove you crazy with questions sometimes
But don't blame me
These feelings can't hide
Needed you on my side
We've been part then together then empty again
But honey just hear me
It's not me to blame
I'm tired and broken I'm empty inside
With reasons unknown can't keep up my tide
I'm stand still
Life pass by me
Lost the rhythm and the rhyme
Losing sleep for things that can't be
Nothing is right
The tides take us away
And distance ain't nothing to our hearts
A ride after ride
No stop signs
Cross the road don't look behind
Don't look aside
Step forward
Ten behind
I'm confused
I don't understand me
But I need you to keep my sanity
Should I hide
And end this ride
Should I fade
Within my walls
Don't go breaking my heart
I want to be me
And on your side
I want your peace and madness
Your love
Love me
As I stand still
I still need you by my side
There are times
I don't know me too
Take my hand get on the highway
Get on the tide
Take me in
Understand me
I cannot fight
I cannot runaway
I cannot hide