Demonic Angel

Whatsapp_image_2020-05-09_at_6.01.54_am__2_by LJ.04 Sep 2020

the light seeping through the room
shades of the sun changing colour in the background
like our ups and downs
all of beautiful shades
at the corner of my eye
I glimpse a sight of you
like an angel coming my way
the room so bright
lights up with your presence
your eyes
so innocent the look on your face
your hair as you stand right in front of me
sunrays streak through the perfect waves of your hair
a body prettier than all America's museums combined
the art and history between us
beat any chemistry of love stories told
that skin tone and all your insecurities that I couldn't love more
I meet your eyes after scanning your beauty
a smile shines on me
like heaven opened a gate
heaven is the room now
all I could ask for is to keep you
to hold and cherish this beauty
and to make love to you
for the rest of my vows
your character is more than regular human interesting
fascinating is an understatement
I would never let you go
I would never let you leave
I could hold you in for the rest of the days to count
I count the days
seasons they are
one you're warm
two you're cold
three when your thoughts get cloudy
four your feelings like autumn they be
I love them all and I swear to this universe and all the poems written all over the skies;
I love you
all in each other's arms
all we wish for
like everything else is complementary to our already perfect love
what are you in human form
never felt this before
never know it could be possible
what are you made of
I could explore you in and out
for the rest of my vows and for the rest of the stories untold