Stranger hug

Pz-avatarby Adi malka14 Nov 2020

It was 7:30 when she closes her eyes and fell asleep,
the feeling was weird,
she sees him come into her direction and stand near.
he put his right hand on her left shoulder
and brought her closer to a hug, that was cold as ice.
Noya never thought that her last meeting with Jonathan would look like this.
A shiver went through her body like an unexplained wind on a hot day.
she hugs him too and then takes a step back.
Jonathan smile, but it seems it was a fake smile like a fading flower.
Then he whispered to her: ״I will come back״
She did not want him to come back.
Then he whispered to her: I will return.
She did not want him back
The clock rang at 7:30
She must get up,
She must wake up.