The Breaking Truth

Pz-avatarby Adi malka07 Jan 2021

I remember the day she tells me the truth.
Underneath the sky of blue
"You have 2 grandmas, right?"
"Yes, I said it might…"
Then she starts to be more specific,
And my harts start to be more dramatic.

"It was a cold day, my whole family got on a ship,
Everybody had a ticket and I thought we are going on a trip.
After two weeks, we finally arrived,
It was so long, I thought we weren't going to survived.
During the ride, my little sister did not close her mouth
And we finally reached a hot village in the south.

It turned out that this was not a trip at all
We move to live here where the rain is never falls.
Me, my brothers my parents and my uncles too,
At this point, I had no idea what I was going to go through."

Here I was already beginning to suspect
I got hot, I started to worry and sweat.
"One day my parents announced that the uncles were leaving,
It looks like my mam is grieving.
I tried to calm down and say:
She is only a few hours away. "

"In the next gray morning, I wake up,
My mom asked me to wash my face and dress up.
In the kitchen, the uncles were waiting,
Holding my bag with no hesitating. "

"Then I realize way my mother was grieving,
She kissed me goodbye and I couldn't be believing.
She tried to calm me down and say:
Don’t worry you will be only a few hours away. "