Once a Disdained City by Adva Shtalberg.

Pz-avatarby Adva11 Jan 2021

Your warm, bustling streets are like an ants colony, vivacious and alive! being surrounded by your giant skyscrapers and malls full of mask-wearing people would have made me feel home again, vivid again.

Like a gifted musician, I must listen to the rhythm of your street
walking through the swarms of ants, try not to get hit.
Dancing a passionate Tango dance with the bikers, you look into each other's eyes
recognizing each other's presents there will be no surprise.

Like in a hard-working colony, the street vendors driving their carts around,
carrying all kinds of exotic foods like nowhere else to be found.

I miss your chaotic paste, the filth, and even the pollution
I have grown now. I have woken up from my perfect dream from my illusion.