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When you're unable to comfort someone because they created an insuperable barrier that prevents you.

I'm Begging You: Come Back!

22addf790462e2aa90741a91d79cee0aby Abigail Kloss-Aycardi22 Jan 2014

Your tears are falling and
I can’t be there to catch them
(And it’s tearing my heart to pieces).

You hastily built a wall made of sand
So unstable and imperfect
But harder and more impenetrable
Than iron.

You’ve created a permanent barrier
Between yourself and
True Comfort
Saying True Comfort “isn’t worth it”
All because you’re proudly justifying your sins.

Can you truly be happy without
The only True Life Preserver
You’ve ever known
Or without the truest friends you ever had
Or ever will have?
(No one in the world could love you more than we do)

Tear down the iron wall.
Accept your sins and make amends.
You can start fresh,
You can be loved again,
You can be comforted again

Can you bear the pain
Without an everlasting hope?
Without us there at your side?
Without my arms wrapped around you
While you cry?
(Your tears have always been mine)

I’m begging you:
Turn back.
Come back.
To the Truth and all its blessings.
Come back
And let us love you again.

Copyright © AKA 2014
Tuesday, January 21st, 2014